Sunday, June 12, 2011

Model shoot

Early Saturday (June 11th), my wife got a call from her brother asking us if we wanted to go to the nearby Yanji Mao'er Mountain Park with him and some friends.  At first I was reluctant, but then I figured that a morning walk in the flora and fauna would do me some good.  Since I have been out with her brother and his friends before, I knew they was an avid shutterbugs with an expensive digital SLR camera.  I usually felt indequate with my el cheapo digital camera, but I was happy with the pictures I took.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that these photographers were from the local TV station, newspaper and magazines.  But what really surprised me was when I learned that the fauna was to include these beauties, three fashion models.

These girls were drop dead gorgeous and I had a great time taking pictures.  I think this one was the cutest...

I was also able to get some candid shots I knew the professionals did didn't
While the other girl was getting her shots she was standing next to me and I was able to get this shot...

This next girl had a look of innocence about her...

The last girl had to be my favorite... she just had that wholesome girl next door/farmgirl look.

When the batteries on my digital camera died, I switched to the camera in my cell phone.  The quality suffered, but I was able to capture her special qualities.  On a side note, as she was posing the photographers felt something was missing from the photos, when they noticed my wife was wearing a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses, they asked her if they could borrow them which added a whole new dimension to the photos.

All in all it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  I am hoping to get another chance and this time I;ll make sure I have extra batteries for more great pictures.


  1. Kind of a weird place to take photos of a ballerina but whatever. Nice pics.