Saturday, August 6, 2011

I was cast in a CCTV movie

Soon after we returned from our trip to Hong Kong, a friend of Ying's called and told her that the Chinese TV network, CCTV, was filming a TV movie called "My Home, Chang Bai Mountain" and they needed some foreign faces in a few scenes.
 The friend who got me the role and Ying

When we got to the filming I was told that I was cast in a speaking role as a "Mr. Johnson" who was in China to look for some acts to book in the US.  In an attempt to save time, unknown to me, they taped my rehearsal with the translator and they liked it so much they decided to use that instead of actually having doing it on camera.  They said they would just dub it over some action shots I did in a night club with the male lead, Bai Wei.  The last shots were actually at Chang Bai Mountain, which is similar to Crater Lake in Oregon.

The guy in the white shirt was the producer, Gao Ning and the other is the director (sorry, don't know his name).
This is a picture of Ying and me with the lead actors. The man is Bai Wei and the lady is Sun Qian.

This is the actress playing our "English speaking tour guide," but because she was having some trouble expressing herself, they asked Ying if she could do a scene and describe the waterfall flowing out of the Chang Bai Mountain lake.


These are some Russians who appeared with us...

I'm not sure as to when it will be broadcast, but I'm looking forward to seeing it when it does.


  1. Congratulations from a Yankee Texan who made his CHinese wife into a Yankee Texan!

  2. Nice. See if you can get a clip on youtube or something!

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