Saturday, August 27, 2011

More cooking in the kitchen

First, instead of going to Hefei after two weeks orientation in Nanjing, I had the chance to go immediately to Kunshan and start teaching now.  We have been here for a couple of weeks and Ying likes it.  There are trees all over the area, canals criss cross the city, but most of all we have a huge three bedroom apartment all to ourselves. But more on that later.  Since we have been here Ying has made all the usual American foods I like, but tonight she decided to try Mexican and make beef fajitas.  I'll post the pictures and let you decide if they pass muster.
Beef w/ green pepper and onion, salsa and tortillas (all home made)

The final product (for the record, this ain't your Taco Bell kind  fajita--- It tasted wonderful, especially when accompanied with  beer)

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