Friday, May 6, 2011

China's new drunk driving laws now in effect

Evidently May 1st new drunk driving laws went into effect in China.  Prior to that drunk driving was seen as a civil offense or misconduct with a revocation of a drivers license up to three years.  Now it is a criminal offense with revocation of up to five years and the possibility of a lifetime ban.  It also appears that police are enforcing it because recently, Wednesday night, Ying and I went out with some of her girlfriends to celebrate the daughter of one who was selected for a masters program at the NE Normal University in Changchung.  One of the women who drove to the restaurant called her husband to come get the car so she would not have to leave it.  Yesterday (Thursday) our nephew was visiting us when my wife's brother called to say he had a few to many beers and asked my nephew to come and drive him home.  In the past both of them would have driven home and not thought twice about it. 

A Chinese newspaper even went so far as to show the first person detained under the new drunk driving laws.  He may have a grin now, but I doubt he had it the next day.  I especially liked his response when the police asked him if he had been drinking, "I did, just a little."  It reminds me so much of responses I've heard in the states...."Honest Ossifer, (burb) I only had two drinks, honest (burb)."



  1. Good. Chinese people drink waaaaay too much in my opinion. It's about time they cracked down on DUI's.

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